Ukrainian Minister of Veterans Affairs Yulia Laputina visits Arlington National Cemetery in April 2023. Embassy of Ukraine to the United States of America  

DNYUZ/New York Times: Seeking Full Honors, Some Ukrainian Families Wait to Bury Their Dead 

Dmytro Gubariev’s remains have been sitting in his bedroom for 10 months, unmoved. That’s how long his mother has been waiting to bury his ashes. 

His mother, Iryna Gubarieva, 52, is determined to ensure that her son, who died defending the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, is laid to rest as a hero in a long-promised National Military Memorial Cemetery — and says she knows that many other families are doing the same. 

“We go to funeral ceremonies of his comrades-in-arms who are identified, and basically everyone remains unburied,” Ms. Gubarieva said, her voice starting to shake. “Families are waiting for this cemetery.” 

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WNU Editor: Ukraine’s New National Military Memorial Cemetery was formally established a few months ago and it is to be modeled after Arlington National Cemetery …. Ukraine aims to create its own Arlington National Cemetery as a ‘memorial for all of the defenders’ (CNN). More here …. Ukraine to create national cemetery in Kyiv, model it after Arlington (UPI).

It is to house 400,000 plots, and it is filling up very quickly …. Ukraine Building Massive Cemetery In Kyiv, 50k Filled In 3 Weeks In June (Tsarizm).