The Guardian: UN calls for immediate Russian withdrawal from Ukraine  

Resounding vote before anniversary of war sees 141 countries condemning Russian invasion with seven against and 32 abstentions 

The UN has overwhelmingly voted to call for Russia to immediately and unconditionally withdraw from Ukraine, marking one year since Moscow’s invasion by calling for a “comprehensive, just and lasting peace”. 

Applause broke out when the result was announced. 

The resolution on Thursday night saw 141 countries in favour with seven against and 32 abstentions, including China. 

Russia had worked hard to try to end its isolation by blaming the west for pouring arms into the region and by pointing to the growing hunger crisis it blamed on western sanctions.  

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WNU Editor: The resolution was adopted on Thursday with 141 votes in favor and 32 abstentions. Six countries joined Russia to vote no – Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Mali, Nicaragua and Syria. The major countries that abstained are India, China, Pakistan, Iran, and South Africa. 

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