Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the press that Joe Biden has continued to ignore the family of Laken Riley, the young, White, Georgia woman who was brutally ambushed and murdered by a Venezuelan illegal alien who’d been apprehended and released multiple times. On the contrary, President Trump announced that he has spoken with Riley’s family, calling Riley an “incredible young lady” and blaming the murder on the “Biden invasion” of America.

“Has the President spoken to the family of Laken Hope Riley, the young Georgia student who was murdered allegedly at the hands of an undocumented immigrant?” a reporter asked Jean-Pierre in the White House briefing room. Jean-Pierre became immediately evasive and attempted to forward the question to America’s failing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency before confirming that Biden had indeed not spoken to the family of Laken Riley.

“The President, uh, I don’t have anything regarding to the President speaking to the family,” she said, after claiming that she had to be “very careful” commenting on the situation because it’s an “active case.”

The refusal to speak to Laken Riley’s family, or to even comment on the murder of an American citizen at the hands of an illegal, stands in stark contrast to the way that Biden and others, in both parties, have treated criminals who’ve been killed by police. Not only have they had no problem commenting on those “active cases,” but Joe Biden has repeatedly met with the family of George Floyd, the felonious drug addict who died in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sparking months of deadly race riots promoted by the Democrat Party.

He even invited them to the White House.

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The exchange with Jean-Pierre and the confirmation that Joe Biden is continuing to ignore the family of Laken Riley comes on the same day that 45th President Trump announced that he HAS spoken with Riley’s family, and he blamed her murder squarely on the “Biden invasion” of America.

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