90-year-old California Democrat Dianne Feinstein had to be instructed to vote in favor of the US Senate’s defense appropriations bill by a staffer and a fellow Democrat Senator who told her to “just say aye” when she was seemingly confused by the voting process and began making a speech into her microphone instead of casting her vote.

90-year-old Democrat Dianne Feinstein began making a speech instead of casting her vote for the US Senate’s defense appropriations bill and had to be coached through the process, including on how to vote, by fellow Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and a staffer who came to Feinnstein’s aid.

The incident has quickly gone viral online and appears to be just the latest public cognitive meltdown by a high-ranking, longtime member of the uni-party establishment.

As a result of the numerous DC cognitive incidents that are being picked up on video, Americans are expressing a great amount of concern about the fitness for office of those who’ve occupied their posts for decades.

Watch video footage of the Feinstein incident below: 

As previously mentioned, 90-year-old Democrat Dianne Feinstein is just the latest high-ranking member of the uni-party establishment to experience what appears to be a cognitive incident on Capitol Hill.

Her longtime Democrat colleague, Joe Biden, is well known for his apparent cognitive issues, which are blamed by many for his frequent gaffes, including his recent claim that he “ended cancer.”

Just yesterday, GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) froze-up mid-sentence as he spoke to the press. He was unable to move or utter any words until he was physically removed from the area by his GOP colleagues.

While McConnell’s incident caused immediate speculation that he was in poor cognitive health or even suffering from a serious medical emergency, the Kentucky Senator insists that it was no big deal, telling the press that it was mere lightheadedness that stopped him mid-sentence and froze him behind a podium for roughly 30 seconds, requiring intervention.

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