Last Updated on August 24, 2023

Masked and armed Fulton County Sheriff’s deputies are violating the First Amendment rights of Trump supporters who are gathering at the Fulton County, Georgia jail to support the 45th President and others who’ve been indicted on politically motivated charges for questioning the 2020 Presidential Election.

Patriot news reporter and political activist Laura Loomer is on the scene in Fulton County, Georgia, where local authorities are shutting down the 1st Amendment rights of American citizens as they gather outside of the Fulton County Jail in support of 45th President Trump. Trump is slated to turn himself in to local prosecutors and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office this evening on his latest politically motivated indictment related to the 2020 Presidential Election.

Video footage released by Laura Loomer shows armed Fulton County Sheriff’s deputies blocking American citizens from demonstrating by setting up barricades and forcing citizens to stand on a small patch of grass on the opposite side of the street from the county jail.

All the while, they’re giving preferential treatment to corporate media outlets, apparently in preparation for a perp-walk-style photo op of President Trump.

Many of the Fulton County deputies are donning masks that cover their entire faces, like third-world law enforcement agencies are so often known to do.

“I just want to make it clear that this is not what happened yesterday,” Loomer said in a video report on the situation.

“People were allowed to walk into the street and cross over yesterday, so this is clearly being done to prevent Trump supporters from gathering in front of the media tents because they want to be able to say that not a lot of people showed up to support President Trump when, in reality, we have thousands of people who want to be here but they’re being blocked now by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office [which is] setting up barricades preventing people [from demonstrating].”

“They don’t want there to be room on the grass because they don’t want Trump supporters to be able to gather,” Loomer said.

“We’ve seen this. This is what this is all about, this indictment, it’s a violation of our First Amendment rights,” said Loomer.

“They’re trying to weaponize the government to make people scared of talking about stolen elections.”

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, Loomer re-emphasized, is “violating people’s First Amendment rights, preventing them from rallying peacefully on public property in support of President Trump,” Loomer said.

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