Last Updated on April 2, 2024

Megyn Kelly asked Ben Shapiro if free speech at his Daily Wire publication ends where the criticism of Israel begins. Kelly’s questioning of Shapiro comes after he and the Jewish-founded-and-run Daily Wire made international headlines for firing Candace Owens after she declared that “Christ is King” and questioned not just the ongoing Israeli war effort and America’s support of it, but the disproportionate influence held by Jews over America’s financial, political, and social systems.

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly hosted Daily Wire publisher and staunch Israel advocate Ben Shapiro on her Megyn Kelly Show program, and asked him point blank if he supports free speech up until the point that the speech begins criticizing or questioning Israel – a foreign nation that Shapiro has staunchly advocated for, to the point of being accused for years of “Israel Firstism.”

Kelly told Shapiro that people are debating “whether the Daily Wire is pro-free speech.”

“The accusation,” Kelly went on, “is that you are until it comes to Israel.”

“How do you respond?” she asked Shapiro, who launched into a bumbling, rapid-fire answer in which he claimed that the Daily Wire has “a wide variety of positions on Israel,” while adding that “the Daily Wire is a publisher, not a platform,” meaning that his censorship of Candace Owens is “not the same” as the Big Tech censorship.

“That’s pretty much all I can say on that,” Shapiro concluded.

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As mentioned, Megyn Kelly’s questioning of Ben Shapiro on his support for pro-Israel censorship comes in the immediate wake of Candace Owens’ firing from the Daily Wire, where she made international headlines and was decried as an “antisemite” by figures on both the left and the right, for questioning the Jewish lobby and Israel’s control over American geopolitics.

But the situation hit a flash point when Owens was accused of “antisemitic hate speech” – including by so-called conservatives at the Daily Wire – for uttering the phrase “Christ is King.”

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Notably, after her firing and amid a debate on the phrase “Christ is King”, Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing compared using the phrase, which is a proclamation of Christian Faith, to murdering someone with a shovel, in a post he made to X.

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