Last Updated on August 23, 2023

Nationally syndicated news host Stew Peters joined Alex Jones on his famous Info Wars broadcast to blow the whistle on the next wave of lockdowns that are being rolled out to coincide with the 2024 Presidential Election, as globalist tyrants re-use their 2020 playbook for election chaos and the destruction of civil liberties.

Stew Peters joined Alex Jones for an instantly legendary 30-minute news segment blowing the whistle on the coming lockdowns and 2024 election rigging scheme that could be the final fork in the United States of America as we know it. Peters and Jones both predict, with great evidence, that Covid-style lockdowns will be used in 2024 just like they were in 2020 – to keep Americans buried in their homes and force rampant election chaos and the further shredding of the American Republic.


Coinciding with Peters’ Info Wars appearance, corporate media outlets and “medical experts” have been claiming that a new wave of Covid is on the horizon, and globalist corporations appear to be staging for the next round of lockdowns.

Ahead of his appearance with Alex Jones, Stew Peters reported from a Target parking lot where, in a town of just 16,000 people, the retail corporation is installing dozens of drive-up terminals where shoppers pick up their goods instead of going into the store. As Peters points out in the video, this is the very same shopping method that was forced onto the American People by their government and corporate overlords in 2020, in the name of Covid lockdowns.

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Peters and Jones also touched on the continuing political persecution of President Trump and his American Patriot supporters, hundreds of whom are still locked away in federal gulags in the aftermath of J6 and many of them have never stood trial for the misdemeanors they’re charged with.

And J6 political prisoners won’t be alone in the gulags, explained Peters, as the coming lockdowns will be used to sweep the streets of free-thinking Americans and all who deviate from the World Economic Forum-backed crackdown on American freedoms.

“If you don’t want to put that mask on, live in your pod, in your 15-minute city, eat bugs, be happy, never own anything, then you will be imprisoned or killed,” Peters said.

“And I don’t know if they make Trump go away by just having this kangaroo court banana republic show trial and some fake conviction and send him to some gulag for the rest of his life, like the POWs who sacrificed for him to go out and show their support,” Peters went on.

“I don’t know if they’ll do that, if that’s enough, or if they’ll just permanently get rid of him,” said Peters.

“We have to table the possibility that they’re going to kill President Trump, and I don’t put it past them.”

“If they’re willing to murder millions of people, including innocent children by the thousands – the tens of thousands – you don’t think that they’ll go after the blood of the one man who they believe is leading the charge of dissidents to this authoritarian overtaking?”

Touching on the desperation of the globalist class to cling to power and continue to force their agenda, Peters predicted that Joe Biden could be supplanted on the Democrats’ 2024 presidential ticket by Michelle Obama, who could be America’s “first black tranny President.”

Under a Michelle Obama presidency, said Peters, Epstein-linked global elites would put the finishing touches on their “unfettered access to children, the mass injections, and death by the millions.”

“They have to shoot their shot right now,” said Peters, because the American People are ready to fight back.

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