Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Stew Peters called out the bizarre media situation and conspiracy of silence surrounding NFL player Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills defender who collapsed on national television in a January 2nd Monday Night Football game after the NFL spent the last two years coercing its players into accepting the lethal COVID jab.

“I think it’s time that we had a talk about the Damar Hamlin situation,” Peters, who’s led the charge in investigating COVID jab deaths and injuries, and whose Died Suddenly film showcased the sudden heart attacks and deadly collapses of countless “vaccinated” athletes and other healthy individuals, told his viewers.

“Everything about the Damar Hamlin story is about as bizarre as it can possibly be and nobody’s talking about it. It’s like it’s almost forbidden. It’s framed as ‘insensitive’ or ‘conspiratorial’ to have the balls to say what everyone else is already thinking. So we’re just gonna say it. Out loud,” Peters continued, calling out the NFL and corporate media’s cover-up of Damar Hamlin’s obvious COVID jab injury, and the cult-like following that the story has developed.

“All of the stakeholders are desperate to get past the last two years of mandates, and coercion, and bribes, and payoffs throughout the deployment of the bioweapon,” Peters said.

“And let’s be clear, the NFL was compensated massive amounts of money to push this shot on to its players and personnel and ultimately you, the fan.”

Peters went on in the segment to raise serious questions about the miraculous recovery of Damar Hamlin, which has been propagandized by the NFL and its media allies to a massive extent, comparing the narrative to a movie.

“It’s all just bizarre,” Peters said, adding that Hamlin is “being used for the NFL’s PR.”

“They need him to get better, and fast, like right away.”

“But maybe he’s not better. Maybe he’s actually deeply messed up. It would make sense considering he spent several minutes dead on a playing field less than a month ago.”

“We know that the bioweapon did this,” Peters said. “The NFL knows that the shot did this. The doctors know that the jab did this, and according to a Rasmussen poll, almost 50% of Americans now say that they know someone that they suspect died suddenly as a result of being injected with Pfizer’s heart attack shot of death.”

“If Damar Hamlin wasn’t vaccinated, and if doctors had been able to justify any other cause for Hamlin’s collapse on that field, they would have repeated it a thousand times over again.”

Watch the full segment below: