In their never-ending quest to be the most insufferable people on earth, Hamas supporters from the group ‘Queers for Palestine’ decided to block the entrance to Disney World on Saturday. Multiple videos showed the “protesters” holding giant banners across the road while traffic piled up. 


It wasn’t long, though, before the tables turned. Florida men arrived in the form of angry motorists and the police. That’s when the Hamas simps learned (once again) that Florida is not New York. 

The first confrontation happened between a ticked-off father who was just trying to have a fun day with his kids. Hit got out of his car and lit into the “protesters.”

My favorite part of that video is when the Hamas supporters hear police sirens and immediately try to run to their cars. Unlike liberal bastions in the Northeast or West Coast, Florida doesn’t play around when it comes to illegal demonstrations blocking traffic. Their instinct to run shows just how effective it is when a state enforces its law. 


Unfortunately for most of the “protesters” (and fortunately for the rest of us), they weren’t able to escape the scene. One officer immediately got traffic moving again and when backup arrived, the handcuffs came out. 

According to Bryan Griffin, who serves as Ron DeSantis’ communications director, the entire incident was taken care of in just 11 minutes. That’s a huge contrast from the multi-hour blocking of the Golden Gate Bridge that occurred some weeks prior. In that case, Californian police stood around, apparently not allowed to take down the “protesters” and clear the road. 


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There’s no waiting for executive approval in Florida, though. Time and again, we’ve seen police arrive within minutes with no inhibitions about making arrests. Further, you can bet the Hamas supporters taken down outside of Disney will be facing actual charges instead of being back on the street within hours. That’s the Florida difference.