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Cártel del Noreste (CDN) claims that the woman they dismembered last week was actually a mole. They allege the woman was a cousin of a Cartel del Golfo (CDG) leader who sent her to infiltrate their group and send back information.

The CDN Message 

Last week, Borderland Beat covered a set of dismembered female remains which were left scattered across various locations near a highway in Tamaulipas along with multiple signs from CDN. Initial images of the signs were censored and we did not publish a message translation in our initial article.

A few days ago, uncensored images of the remains emerged online (posted at the bottom of this story). Telegram channels and Twitter users (such as No me Sigas) published transcripts of the signs (or possibly a follow-up message) that were left along with the remains. The messages on them reads as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

What do you think about your morning gift? You fucking dumb ass kids need to realize that in order to infiltrate our ranks you still have quiet a ways to go. What happened here is proof that you’re willing to risk the lives of your own family members. Juanita Martinez Roque was stupid enough to think that she could just join us with that name of hers. Her cousin Omar Martínez Martínez, aka El Man, from Abasolo, Tamaulipas sent her. Omar is a commander for the Cartel del Golfo in the Jimenez, Tamaulipas plaza. 

By not having the balls to face us yourselves you’ve sent cannon fodder instead. You should know by now who’s in charge of the Texas zone. I’m the boss. You guys don’t have what it takes to come out from behind the fucking wood line where you’re always hiding. We’ve left for you gang of cowards this big gut bitch Juanita Martinez Roque. She’s a relative of Omar Martinez Martinez aka El Man. We know that you had sent your cousin to Reynosa and Matamoros to gather intel from the bosses, commanders, accountants, etc. 

All this on the account of you thinking about betraying everyone and causing disorder the moment payroll or a meeting was held. You tried that maneuver with us. But it failed you faggot because you ran into a wall with us. Your fucking trickery was quickly detected. She was left in pieces for you so that you can come pick her up afterwards. Omar, once you decide to come out from hiding in the woods we can meet up for that armed confrontation. I’ll be waiting for your pissed stained ass. 

Yours truly, 

Commander Terco

Cartel del Noreste Special Forces Operation Texas

Tamaulipas Código Rojo has noted that the man wearing the white gloves is likely to have been the man who did the bulk of the dismembering process. 

The CDN figure “Terco”*, who proudly signed his name on these messages, is a man named either José Raúl Martínez Rico (according to Twitter account El Guzman) or Ruben Martinez Trejo (according to Frontera Rojo Vivo). 

El Terco has been written about in narco blogs for at least four years now, meaning he is likely an established figure within the organization. When he first appeared on the scene, he was said to be operating as a hitman in Miguel Aleman, Mier, and Nuevo Laredo.

He was allegedly close to the leader of Tropa Infierno, Fernando de Jesús Hernández Adame, alias “El Werko”, and the overall leader of CDN, Juan Gerardo Trevino Chavez, alias “El Huevo” – both of whom are currently in prison. 

Who Are They Talking About

So, the message claims the deceased woman was named Juanita Martinez Roque, and that she’s the cousin of a Cartel del Golfo figure named Omar Martínez Martínez, alias “El Man”. It also alleges that El Man currently operates in Jimenez, where he works as a plaza boss. Jimenez lies in the center region of the border state of Tamaulipas, as seen on the map below. 

Unfortunately, there is no information on El Man online outside of coverage of this narco message. But if the message is correct and El Man does operate in Jimenez, then it’s likely that he works under the two CDG leaders Pablo Missael Ramos Lara, alias “Pantera 24”, and Andrés Zamora Casados, alias “El Campesino”.

The two men were allegedly identified as the CDG Centro-faction leaders for the larger Abasolo, Jimenez, and Aldama region in a government document released in June 2020, according to newspaper Union Jalisco

It’s important to note that CDN’s claim about the woman being related to El Man could be untrue. This whole story of an infiltrator may have been created to lessen the amount of heat they’d receive for killing a woman. 

Law enforcement authorities have not yet released the name of the victim, but when they do, we will find out if there is truth to their claim.

*Note: There are variations in the spelling, with it being spelled “El Terko” in previous articles and “El Terco” on the March 2023 signs. 

Warning: Extremely graphic images below this point.