Members of the Austrian Parliament walked out of the assembly in protest of Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky’s video speech Thursday to the Parliament.


Freedom Party (FPO) lawmakers made a point of walking out to spurn Zelensky, and their act of defiance was noticed internationally by people who are sick and tired of the Western-supported genocidal war that Zelensky is waging. Over 20 members of Parliament reportedly took part in the protest.

“It is sad that the FPO is the only party in parliament that takes our ever-lasting neutrality seriously, thereby also standing up for peace,” stated Herbert Kickl, the leader of the Freedom Party.

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Zelensky received a lot of fanfare from congressmen when he spoke before the United States Congress, which further proves how compromised and weak America’s globalist political class really is. In Austria, the Freedom Party lawmakers and their demonstration against former comedian Zelensky could inspire more politicians to show some courage and stand up to the obvious warmongering of the Ukrainian tyrant.

The Joe Biden regime’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken’s bellicose warmongering pro-Ukraine policies are sparking protests against Blinken as the Biden administration further loses credibility and goodwill around the globe.

Blinken’s warmongering posture is obvious. Russia’s authoritarian ally China is trying to broker a ceasefire. It’s sad that Russia was forced to ally with China, when the United States had a perfect opportunity to ally with Russia during the Trump administration before Deep State neocons threw the Robert Mueller investigation and a Ukraine-themed impeachment at President Donald Trump.

So the sad reality is that Russia and China — which are both part of BRICS — are now allies. Instead of realizing the grave threat to the United States that their alliance presents, Blinken blunders ahead, rejecting peace negotiations and proving that the American-funded Ukraine side is clearly the aggressor in the war.

Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin recently protested Tony Blinken’s appearance before Congress, with Benjamin demanding to see a peace proposal from Blinken. Benjamin’s urgent call for Blinken to act like a diplomat and avoid World War 3 apparently fell on deaf ears. Blinken and Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky seem to have no intention of stopping their war effort anytime soon.

Blinken is losing the sentiment of the world. Blinken’s trip to the Greek city of Athens, the birthplace of democracy, sparked massive protest activity. The people of Europe are paying keen attention to the belligerent actions of the United States and NATO.

Meanwhile, in Paris, France, the voices of the people have cried out against Joe Biden as anti-NATO sentiment reaches fever pitch.

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