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Moon of Alabama: Why Bakhmut Is Falling 

Just two days ago I reported that Bakhmut is falling. The Ukrainian soldiers there are outgunned 1 to 10 and die under artillery fire with little chance to shot back. More reports from the front have since come in. They support my dire view. 

The German pro-Ukrainian news outlet Bild reported this morning that there were misgivings in the Ukrainian war leadership:  

President Volodymyr Zelensky and Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Valerii Zaluzhnyi have conflicting views on how the military should handle the situation in Bakhmut, according to unnamed sources within the Ukrainian political leadership cited in a report by Bild

Bild writes that Zaluzhnyi was deliberating a tactical withdrawal from Bakhmut weeks ago over concern for the wellbeing of his troops. The Ukrainian government told Bild that remaining in Bakhmut was the right decision due to the serious damage it inflicted on Russian military personnel and equipment. However, according to other sources cited by the publication, the situation is at risk of becoming untenable. 

“The vast majority of soldiers in Bakhmut do not understand why the city is being held,” a Ukrainian military analyst told Bild on condition of anonymity. Just hours after that item came out Zelensky’s office issued a press release denying any such trouble (machine translation): 

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WNU Editor: The video below gives a very good indication on how difficult it will be to flee Bakhmut via throught the fields and forests that are to the west of the city.

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