Gallup: Americans Continue to View China as the U.S.’s Greatest Enemy 

* Half of Americans say China is the United States’ greatest enemy 

* Since the pandemic, China has held the top spot as the greatest enemy 

* Democrats and Republicans have different views on who is the top enemy 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — For the third year in a row, Americans are most likely to mention China as the United States’ greatest enemy in the world today. When asked the open-ended question, 50% of Americans say China is their nation’s greatest enemy, with most of the rest, 32%, naming Russia. North Korea, which was viewed as the greatest enemy in 2018, is now a distant third at 7%. 

The latest results are from Gallup’s Feb. 1-23 World Affairs survey, coinciding with widespread reporting of China’s balloon-carried surveillance device being shot down over U.S. waters. There has also been growing concern in the U.S. about China’s alleged backing of Russia in the Ukraine conflict and its association with the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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Update: Americans view China as top foe ahead of Russia: Gallup (The Hill).  

WNU Editor: This Gallup poll findings are surprising. 50 percent of Americans think China is the country’s “greatest enemy,” while 32 percent name Russia. I expected the Russian numbers to be closer to 75%.