“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Natanael Cano celebrated his birthday last weekend in Cancun, Quintana Roo.
In the last hours it was reported that Natanael Cano almost didn’t reach his 22nd birthday after suffering an alleged attack when he was celebrating his birthday early on the beaches of Cancun.
According to journalist Nelssie Carrillo, the author of corridos tumbados had a fierce fight with a businessman last weekend when he was celebrating his birthday in the company of singer Dan Sanchez.
According to the information, the Sonoran was inside a night club with his friend when he started to have problems with a businessman who was in the establishment, who like Natanel, had bodyguards.
After the heated argument, the interpreter of the “AMG” single left the place, but when he was driving through the hotel zone, along Kukulcan Boulevard, he became the victim of an alleged chase.
Unofficially it is said that the singer’s car ended up with considerable exterior damage on Kabah Avenue. It had two flat tires and several bullet impacts in the driver’s window.  
Fortunately, Natanael Cano was able to get out of his car unharmed.  So far the incident is being investigated by the authorities.
Natanael claims that his birthday party was ruined
Some videos circulated in social networks of the moment in which the Sonora native was celebrating his birthday in the nightclub. Hours later he published that his celebration was ruined.
“They ruined my birthday for something I didn’t even do. Oh well”, Natanel Cano wrote next to some laughing emojis and later, he published another photo in which he apologizes to the citizens of Cancun.