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Video from Grillonautas 

Fausto Isidro Meza Flores “Chapo Isidro” vs Mario Alberto Lugo Lara “Mario Calabazas”
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Video Translation: 
Citizen: People, people vehicles being burned here at the bridge Opochi, I am shaking, people they are burning vehicles in el Opuchi just now two trucks just passed, there are two cars blocking the bridge.
Mario Alberto Lugo Lara (alias “Mario Calabazas” or “El Calabaceño”)
GRILLONAUTAS:   A series of violent events took place in northern Sinaloa communities this Sunday, July 30, 2023. People living in El Opuchi denounced that gunmen blocked with burned vehicles the bridge going to Bacuribito. Videos and pictures show a series of violent clashes between armed groups, and five burned vehicles were located on the road that connects to neighboring Bacuribito. Videos and pictures show roads being blocked, primarily state roads, in Bacuribito and El Opuchi this Sunday. Sadly, this past Friday, July 28, 2023, armed groups arrived in the towns of Calabasas, San Jose de las Delicias, and Sierrita de los German causing mayhem in those towns by again burning agriculture machinery and vehicles to block roads. Local news media reported that after these events, families have started to abandon their homes, especially in the areas of conflict, mainly in the towns of Calabazas, San Jose de las Delicias, and Sierrita de los German. At the moment, the state security forces have stated that they will help those people displaced from their homes.  
San Jose De Las Delicias 


Sierrita De Los German 

Today August 1, 2023, on Twitter a video was shared showing reportedly a large convoy of armored trucks of Chapo Isidro hitman. “The Chapo Isidro hitman in an uproar in Sinaloa”-@ELDELADEA