A brain virus still plagues college campuses. Students demand that the college they attend divest from Israel. Isreal’s crime? It’s fighting a war against Hamas – a war that Hamas started by slaughtering 1,200 people. 


Students aren’t demanding anything of Hamas because they have been spoon-fed the lie that Hamas is somehow part of an oppressed class. They are “Palestinians” and therefore they are victims. 

It isn’t just college campuses. High Schools have seen students walk and protest. If they are asked “why?” they might deliver and combination of platitudes and flat-out falsehoods but it is almost always the product of an educator making specious claims. And students who object are often cowed into silence, or bullied once they open their mouths. 

Our Becky Noble noted:  

Teachers’ unions are a big part of why American parents think the education system is a nightmare. The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers are the nation’s largest teachers’ unions. Combined, they have a membership of roughly 4.5 million. Because they are allies of the Democrat Party, donating large amounts to mostly Democrat candidates, they are fully on board with the liberal Democrat agenda, and that is undoubtedly showing up in the nation’s classrooms.    

High school children, in theory, have had 12 years of “education” and, in theory, at least some modicum of gray matter to ask “Is that true? And perhaps “Is there evidence for the claim?” But kindergarteners are, for the most part, a blank slate. Their brains are sponges. They will absorb whatever they are taught. Nazi Germany knew that to grab and hold a populous, indoctrination needed to start early. As early as kindergarten. In “The Hitler Youth,” the author discusses that children as young as five years old were instructed in Nazi mythology and if parents objected the children would often inform on their parents. 


80 years after the Allied soldiers stormed Normandy, we look at Portland Oregon only to find a curriculum the teachers’ union is pushing to have that lesson taken to heart, ripping a page from Goebbels’ playbook. 

Teach the children young. 

Christopher Rufo is reporting that Portland’s 4,500-member strong teachers’ union has co-published a teacher’s guide to indoctrinate students as young as pre-kindergarten with Palestine mythology. Christopher Rufo has reported “City Journal.” 

Here are a few tweets illustrating what seems to be happening in Portland. 

In Rufo’s article, he notes the following:


[A] pamphlet includes chants that teachers can adopt in the classroom. Some imply support for militancy and political violence: “Resistance is justified when people are occupied!”; “We salute all our martyrs! mothers, fathers, sons and daughters!”; “Justice is our demand! No peace on stolen land!”

Rufo hasn’t determined what “Teach Palestine!” lessons have been adopted in Portland public school classrooms” but if the union co-published propaganda like “Teach Palestine!”, and is guiding what to say and how to say it, if it isn’t already in the classroom chances are it will be soon.