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The Guardian: Putin warns Poland against ‘unleashing aggression’ against Belarus  

Russian president reacts angrily after Polish defence minister sends troops to guard eastern border 

Vladimir Putin has said Russia will use “all means at its disposal” to defend Belarus after Poland and other EU countries voiced concerns about the deployment of Russian paramilitaries near their borders. 

Putin delivered a series of aggressive remarks during a meeting of his security council, where he claimed without evidence that Poland was seeking to invade Belarus, a Russian ally, and that their elites were “dreaming of Belarusian lands”.  

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WNU Editor: Putin also warns that Poland has eyes on Ukrainian territory …. Putin is again warning that Ukraine could be invaded and occupied by Poland (Insider). More here …. Poland Wouldn’t Hesitate To Occupy Parts Of Western Ukraine, Putin Claims (Zero Hedge). 

Putin Warns Poland That Any Aggression Against Belarus Will Be Seen As An Attack On Russia 

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