Russia’s strategic nuclear submarine ‘Generalissimo Suvorov’ © Russia’s Defense Ministry  

Navy Recognition: Russian submarine Generalissimus Suvorov completes its trials 

The nuclear-powered submarine is now being prepared for its handover to the Russian Navy, he added. 

The Generalissimo Suvorov is a fourth-generation Borei-A class nuclear-powered submarine developed by the St. Petersburg-based Rubin Central Marine Design Bureau. 

The sub features fundamentally new technical solutions, improved equipment, reduced physical fields, and enhanced protection. Its imported components have been replaced.

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Update #1: Russia’s new nuclear submarine completes tests for service (RT)

Update #2: Russia’s latest nuclear-powered strategic sub wraps up all rounds of testing — Shipyard (TASS)  

WNU Editor: With the addition of this new sub Russia now has 6 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine in its fleet …. Russian navy now has six submarines capable of launching Bulava-missiles (The Barents Observer).