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Sedena Seizes 700 Kilos of cocaine in Hidalgo and Mexico City

The Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), reports that on Wednesday, March 7, personnel of the Mexican Army carried out the seizure of 700 kilos of possible cocaine, within the framework of the National Public Security Strategy and the zero Impunity policy of the federal government.

Through a statement, he emphasizes that as a result of intelligence work, 12 people were arrested, assuring them more than half a ton of possible cocaine, weapons, vehicles and cash in Mexico City and the state of Hidalgo.

In the text they detail that when carrying out intelligence work to detect criminal organizations, buildings were identified that were occupied as drug collection centers in the mayor’s offices neighborhood of Coyoacán and Cuajimalpa de Morelos in Mexico City and in the town of Tizayuca, state of Hidalgo, detaining 12 people and locating 700 kg of possible cocaine, approximately 5 kg of probable.