“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Two women who allegedly belong to the La Plaza cartel narrate on camera their affairs in and around the city of Guaymas, Sonora. 

The names of the usual criminal leaders who run this criminal organization are spoken aloud. In addition, the fate of both women is unknown at this time. 

It is believed that they were killed off camera afterwards because of things being how they are within the Mexican underworld. 

A live capture normally involves an interrogation. Followed by the systematic execution of adversaries.

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: Give me your full name and age. 

Female Captive #1: My name is Nayra Dariana Noyola and I am 22 years old. 

Sicario: Where are you from?

Female Captive #1: I’m from Guaymas, Sonora. 

Sicario: Who do you work for?

Female Captive #1: I work for La Plaza. 

Sicario: Who do you directly work for?

Female Captive #1: I work for Cholo Ivan aka El JR.

Sicario: What do you do for a living?

Female Captive #1: I’m a landlord. 

Sicario: How many houses have you rented out?

Female Captive #1: Just 2 houses. 

Female Captive #2: My name is Astrid Esmeralda Córdoba Alcalá. I’m an assassin for La Plaza. I receive orders from Francisco Javier Espinoza Camacho aka Fino and Antonio Castro Valenzuela aka El Castro. Karen Siclealy Ramírez López and Yan Carlos Medina Romero aka El 0-5 are the individuals who give out the orders whenever we have to go kill innocent civilians. This was done in order to draw government attention in the city of Guamas. I was paid 2000 to kill a driver from the transportation services Radio Taxis Los Tigres. My companion Parra and I were specifically told to execute these cab drivers. So, that with this we could make the government look bad. I have participated in various executions of innocent civilians All of the persons that have been injured or killed have been done on the orders of the La Plaza mob. 

Guaymas, Sonora

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