“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

The boss, Mr. Mencho, has forbidden us in his company from stealing, kidnapping or charging any kind of fees. That’s why we are here, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. We’re coming after those scumbags, fee collectors, and kidnappers. We’re only against those criminal groups who kidnap, extort, execute, and abduct innocent civilians. We will continue fighting against all of these individuals. Just as well we will also denounce all of the mayors and their policemen who are in service for these cheap ass criminals, scumbags of society. 

Communiqué to the Secretary of National Defense, the Secretary of the Navy, the Attorney General’s Office, the National Guard, the State Attorney General’s Office, the Civil Guard, and especially to the people of Michoacán. In recent days, the formation of a new criminal group called Guardia Por La Paz (Guard for Peace) was announced. Its members are the criminal cells of Los Viagras. As well as El Botox, El Barbas, all of them from Buenavista and Apatzingán. Along with El Tene from Aguililla, Migueladas from La Huacana, and El Previto from Zinapécuaro. 

They also pretend to deceive the government and the citizens by presenting themselves as self-defense groups in search of peace. When their main objective is to take over the port of Ciudad Lazaro Cardenas and control the arrival of all types of drugs and fayuca. As well as continue kidnapping, extorting, and charging collection fees in the businesses. For those who sell tortillas, meat, and fuel. Aside from appropriating public money from the municipalities where they have a presence. The Guardia Por La Paz group began with terrorist actions in the municipality of Uruapan, in the communities of Chimilpa and Betania. 

They arrived there offering governmental support in the form of solar panels. They installed them with C-4 explosives and when they detonated them, they totally destroyed the house where they were placed. They also executed the Priest Javier Garcia Villafaña from Huandacareo. We will always be loyal to our boss, Mr. Mencho. He only wants the best for his countrymen who have lived for many years putting up with these scumbags.

Long live Lord Mencho. 

Sicarios in unison scream : Long live Lord Mencho! Long live Lord Mencho! Long live Lord Mencho!

César Sepúlveda Arellano, “El Botox
Miguel Ángel Gallegos aka El Migueladas
Murdered priest Javier García Villafaña

Guardia por la Paz, new self-defense group announced in Michoacán

Alleged birth place of Guardia por la Paz group

Menny Alerta de Riesgo  El Financiero  Cronica