Once in a while, you stumble across a news piece that isn’t just wandering into the realm of the surreal, but rather, it’s jumping in with both feet. This is one of those, in which twerking vandals wreaked five figures worth of damage to a fleet of pink Volkswagens.


You can’t make this stuff up.

Video shows at least three women vandalizing a fleet of pink Volkswagen Bugs belonging to the cleaning company Pink Sponge.

In the video, one of the vandals can be seen twerking on the hood of the car.

The incident happened April 20 just after midnight on top of a parking structure in Glendora.

Co-founder of Pink Sponge, Jennifer Ahlgrim said the suspects busted car windows, broke taillights and headlights and even through [sic] their cleaning products over the parking structure.

“Vacuums were everywhere. Products were kicked. It was completely devastating,” Ahlgrim told FOX 11.

Honestly, it’s a little difficult to know where to begin.

These things were doubtless less common during the COVID lockdowns when vandals were forced to twerk from home, but they seem to be back on the increase now. Vandalism, from graffiti to property damage, sure seems to be on the rise, not just in our major cities but everywhere; too many of our nation’s youth have fallen victim, not to COVID-19 but instead to the Miley Cyrus virus. This may be what drives them to this life of crime, and in so doing, put their asterisk.

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For Jennifer Ahlgrim and her business, of course, this just wasn’t funny.

The vandals caused an estimated $25,000 in damage and ruined 18 cars. Ahlgrim said they also carved gang signs onto the cars. They plan to repaint the cars, replace windows, taillights, headlights, side mirrors, and their cleaning products. 

“We’re a small business, and we built everything from the ground up. To watch people just take all of that and destroy it. It’s been really sad,” she told FOX 11.

Many years ago, I had a friend whose father was an Iowa state policeman. The father once told us that every criminal he had ever encountered, ranging from petty vandals to murderers, all combined three character traits: Greedy, Mean, and Stupid. The proportions varied, he told us, but all three were always present. (If one left off Stupid and kept Greedy and Mean, you usually get a politician.) These vandals, in their arrogance and callous disregard for other people’s hard-earned property, seem to lean heavily into the Mean and Stupid ends of the troika. It’s difficult to explain this behavior in any way that doesn’t include stupidity – fortunately, all of the malefactors were caught and will presumably be punished, and we can hope that they learn something, even if only in hindsight.


Fortunately, none of Pink Sponge’s employees were present to confront the vandals, which may have resulted in an altercation and possibly a twerkplace injury. A fight with a big group of vandals could result in injuries that one couldn’t just shake off.

In closing, I can only say that the more I read about the goings-on in our urban areas, the happier I am to live out in the woods in Alaska. As for Pink Sponge, let’s hope it won’t be long before their vehicles are repaired and they can get back to twerk.