Though our hyperventilating media would like to gaslight people into thinking presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is underwater with no hope of winning thanks to the indictments and court appearances, the polls show it’s President Joe Biden who is in trouble, with the legal proceedings bolstering the belief that this is all a highly coordinated political witch hunt.


Even in places where one wouldn’t necessarily expect Trump to be greeted with an abundance of smiles and friendly handshakes, the excitement for Trump is there, as evidenced for instance by the former president’s Thursday visit to a New York City construction site, where he was warmly greeted, signed autographs, and posed for pictures as union guys chanted “USA, USA.”

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At that same event, a fed-up construction worker in a hard hat with leftover pizza in hand was asked what he thought about the fact that it seemed like there were many more Republicans in the Big Apple than there used to be. 

Here’s how the back-and-forth exchange went down (transcribed from the video):

Reporter: “What’s it like seeing so many Republicans in Manhattan, so many Trump supporters in Manhattan, does that surprise you?”

Gruff Man: “No, not at all. It’s turning now. It’s Trump’s turn again.”

Reporter: “What’s your message to Joe Biden?”

Gruff Man: “F*** you.”

Watch (language warning):


And from that moment, a new “Thug Life” meme was born:

But on a more serious note, in his own blunt way, I think this guy is right. The tide seems to be turning in favor of Trump even in some blue parts of the country, especially among core voting blocs that previously reliably voted Democrat, like the black community and the Hispanic community.

As my RedState colleague Nick Arama also pointed out earlier, New York union leader Bobby Bartels explained in a Newsmax interview that though many union workers typically voted Democrat he was seeing a lot of change in his union in particular, with Democrats and their harmful crime and economic policies pushing workers “to the other side.” 

“I put out a poll in my union,” Bartels also noted during a Fox News appearance. “President Trump is leading Joe Biden three to one in my presidential poll out of my 9,000 members.” Bartels also announced he’d be supporting Trump.

It is one (informal) poll and one union to be sure, but it’s becoming a trend, a pattern of sorts that we’re seeing play out in other polling related to voters who traditionally vote for Democrats.


In any event, there’s been a lot of noise coming out of NYC in recent weeks that has been very discouraging and frustrating to hear. So it’s important to highlight the rare voices of sanity we’re hearing from that part of the country, made all the better by the rough and tumble tones of a New Yorker who has simply had enough.

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