Last Updated on November 18, 2022

Twitter CEO Elon Musk pledged the social media platform will “deboost” or seemingly shadowban any “negative/hate tweets.”

Additionally, Musk announced the Twitter accounts of Conservative influencer Jordan Peterson and The Babylon Bee, a right-wing media outlet, have been restored.

“Trump decision has not yet been made,” Musk noted, refusing to allow the 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump back on Twitter.

Musk’s admission of shadowbanning and censoring of tweets infuriated social media users.


“What constitutes hate? If I say “men aren’t women” would that get deboosted and demonetized? What if I used slurs in the context of a story in the public interest? Will we have transparency on deboosting?” @NuanceBro, a political commentator questioned.

Justin Amash, a former Michigan congressman, suggested Musk may not be a true advocate for free speech and the First Amendment.

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“It’s your company, so you’re free to enact any policy you like. But free speech includes speech that challenges and sometimes offends others. That’s how people grow. Making “negative” tweets harder to find hurts this process, and there’s no way this policy can be applied evenly,” Amash posted.

One Twitter user equated Twitter to a “partisan echo chamber” for not reinstating Trump, citing qualities the 45th president possesses.

“1. Trump was president of the United States.
2. He’s the leading 2024 GOP presidential candidate.
3. He has never, to my knowledge, been convicted of any crime.
4. I don’t see how you can credibly call Twitter anything but a partisan echo chamber if you fail to reinstate him.”

Allie Beth Stuckey, a rightwing influencer, questioned how Musk’s policy on deboosting tweets differs from previous policy.

“Ok how is this any different than the previous policy? People’s tweets suppressed because a biased rando at twitter thinks a tweet is mean or mad?” Stuckey commented.

National File previously reported on Musk’s intentions to continue Twitter’s censorship:

Elon Musk has announced that he’s groveling to the far-left ADL after they publicly warned him of the “dire consequences” he’d be faced with if he opened Twitter up to free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, announced that he will continue enforcing Twitter’s censorship policies surrounding “hate” and “election integrity” at the behest of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), NAACP, and even the Bush family’s political machine.

“Talked to civil society leaders,” like Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL, and Derrick Johnson, the CEO of the NAACP, Musk explained in a tweet.

“Twitter will continue to combat hate & harasssment & enforce its election integrity policies,” Musk announced, flipping the script on what millions of Twitter users believed was a free speech takeover of the Big Tech platform.

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