Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. NATO  

Politico: Former NATO Chief: Trump Could Sabotage the War 

Regardless of whether he wins, Trump’s nomination would blow up Republican support for Ukraine, says Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

It is a notoriously triggering term for the former president, evoking deep humiliation. Rasmussen uses it casually. 

“His baggage is too heavy, too controversial,” says Rasmussen, 70, who was Denmark’s prime minister for most of this century’s first decade. 

Yet Rasmussen, a right-of-center politician who is now a white-shoe international consultant, remains scared of Trump. What disturbs him more immediately than the idea of Trump back in the White House is a far likelier scenario: Trump winning the Republican presidential nomination. 

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 WNU Editor: If Trump would be a “geopolitical disaster” if he wins the Republican nomination, what would the former NATO Secretary call the current situation in the world?