Xi prepares to speak at the National People’s Congress on Monday. © Noel Celis/Pool/Reuters  

Washington Post: With Russia visit, Xi pursues effort to upend U.S.-led global order 

Fresh off a legislative congress where he cemented his vision for governing China, Xi Jinping turned to how he would create a better world order. 

It would be based on mutual respect, tolerance and equality — and China would be its natural leader, he told heads of political parties for an array of countries, including Russia and South Africa, Nicaragua and East Timor. “Chinese-style modernization does not follow the old path of colonial plunder or the hegemony of strong countries,” Xi told them in a video call Wednesday, sitting at a desk surrounded by Chinese and Communist Party flags. 

“The world does not need another Cold War,” he said, announcing his new concept — the “global civilization initiative,” a set of lofty guiding principles for a “new type of international relations” that China is building. 

Xi’s comments were a clear rebuke of the United States — and a reflection of the harder tack he is taking as he ramps up China’s diplomatic efforts with an expected visit to Russia. 

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WNU Editor: China still has a long way to go to upend the US-led global order. But Beijing is definitely positioning itself to provide the world an alternative to what the US is offering.